Advances in analogue cctv has kept the area a state of the art medium. New technology has seen analogue camera picture quality get a boost into the area of HD quality viewing and recording, with Digital Video Recorders being able to be networked and the live or recorded footage viewed on remote computers and / or smart phones even when remote from the site.
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IP Network based CCTV systems have been becoming increasingly more popular in resent years, with advances in picture quality and advanced analytics. IP cameras are now capable of recording at upto 30 mega pixels (or 7K) extreme high definition giving the ability to zoom right in to get the details required.
Each camera connects to the network of the premises.
The Network Video Recorder for recording the cameras also connects to the network but not necessarily even in the same building or even city. The live view or recorded footage can be viewed on a remote PC and / or on your smart devices (phone or tablet)

There are many different styles of cameras. These styles generally come in both analogue and IP Network based configurations.
Full body cameras and Dome Cameras
Come in both internal and Vandal resistant models.
- can have a fixed lens or variable focal lens which allows the picture to be adjusted to get the best view.
- They can have day/night allowing operation during both the good light conditions and poorer low light and will change from colour to a black and white picture as the light goes low at night.
Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras
These are cameras that move around either automatically or manually controlled to allow the operator to view different areas rather than having a fixed picture view.

IP Network based CCTV systems and Analogue based CCTV systems (when the DVR is connected to a network) can utilise smart phone apps to view live and playback recorded video footage remotely.
Ask about connecting your system to allow remote viewing.
Note: Remote viewing requires the NVR or DVR to be connected to an Internet connection.
The smart phone requires app installation and a data service.
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