Security Solutions.
Home Secure Alarms can tailor a security solution that most suites your home or business requirements. You may be after just one of our products or even a fully integrated solution utilising all of our products.
Contact us today to arrange an apointment with one of our security specialists.

Home Secure Alarms holds a WA Police Security Agents License, and as a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), you can rest assured that all of our installation work is performed in accordance with Australian Standards, Industry Codes,
Building Codes, and Local Government Regulations.
Home Secure Alarms will design and install your alarm system to your requirements.
Your alarm system could be as simple as a few motion sensors inside the premises, to a full interior and perimeter security system.

CCTV camera systems come in a variety of types and sizes with many different requirements.
Systems could be analogue or network based.
Cameras could be required to cover a general area or could be required to be high resolution for facial recognition. The system could be locally recorded or remotely recorded on a network, could be viewed on a monitor in your comms rack or on a networked workstation.
CCTV is not something to be taken lightly, contact us now and talk to our consultant to get the best solution for you.

Access Control is the controlling of access to staff or visitors to admit or deny access to certain areas of a premises.
It may use electronic locking mechanisms and card, prox, biometric readers or keypads to verify or deny access to the area.
Access Control is often combined with Management software for adding or deleting personnel, manually overriding doors to open or lock down, or for running reports on access use.

We have a range of high quality intercom systems, which provide clear communications from external doors and gates to a master system located inside your home or office.
Intercom systems have the ability to have multiple door or gate stations that can communicate back to multiple viewing stations within the premises.
These systems can also have door-release function to enable you to grant access to your premises for visitors.

HSA Security and Home Secure Alarms are trading names of Securex Pty Ltd ABN 87 133 794 395.