Home Secure Alarms Security Alarm Systems.
Home Secure Alarms Security Alarm Systems.
There are many different brands of alarm systems. Home Secure Alarms' brand of choice is Bosch Security. However, if you have a favorite brand, or a specific requirement, we will supply and install to your specifications.
Internal Security Systems
The internal security system provides protection of your property when you are not at home. This involves a number of movement detectors installed though out the premises that detect an intruder as they move about the premises. If any of the detection devices are activated the siren and strobe will activate, and if the system is monitored the monitoring station will also be notified.
Perimeter Security System
With a full perimeter security alarm system you are able to provide protection for your family while they are home. The system requires a detection device to be installed on all doors, windows and openings, or beams installed across a number of these. If an intruder breaks these beams or activates any of the detection device on the doors or windows, the alarm system detects this activation and activates the audible alarm and strobe. If the alarm system is monitored the 24hr monitoring station is also advised and they will notify the appropriate contact.
Combination Perimeter and Internal Security System
Combining both systems gives the greatest form of protection for your home or business.
A Local alarm system is one which sets off local sirens and strobe but does not communicate anywhere.
A Self Monitored alarm system is one that calls a persons private number.
A Monitored alarm system is one that communicates with a monitoring company, who then actions the alarm system according to the agreed procedures.
Detection Devices
Motion Detectors generally detect the motion of intruders, these can be normal or pet immune types.

Reed switches are installed on doors or windows and detect their being opened.

Vibration sensors and glass break sensors, sense the breaking of the glass window or door.

Beams are a perimeter sensor, if someone breaks the beam it triggers an alarm.

Smoke Sensors connected to a security systems provide early notification that smoke is present in the premises.
Note: Security alarm smoke sensors do not conform to BCA regulations or Fire System Standards.

Industrial Alarms are alarms such as gas, water, power, chlorine, temperature, anything that you require notification that a fault has occurred can be connected and monitored.

Home Secure Alarm's Monitoring Services.
Home Secure Alarms is able to offer, and recommends the use of professional security monitoring services that are staffed
24 hour a day all year round.
Our Monitoring Centre is graded to the high level of Grade A1 and complies with the strict requirements of Australian Standard AS2201.
Advantages of Professional Monitoring Services.
The advantages of professional monitoring over a local alarm or over self monitoring are:

• The monitoring centre is staffed 24/7 so when you go on holidays, they are still monitoring your alarm system, and can respond accordingly.
• The monitoring station can also determine which device or devices activated and can determine if a probable break in has occurred and where it may have happened. Eg main bedroom, games room, passage , family room and can track the intruder through the premises.
• Your insurance company may give you a premium discount.
Types of Monitoring Services
• Dialler - The most common method of monitoring. The system is connected to your existing analogue telephone line. Faults with your telephone line make dialler lines the most susceptible to communication failure, making it only suitable for low to medium security risks, and are not recommended for high risk properties.

• IP Monitoring - allows your security alarm system to communicate with our control room via the Internet. This method relies on your internet connection and service being available. Back up communications paths such as GPRS can be added for extra security, and more reliable communications to the monitoring centre.

• GPRS - uses the mobile telephone cellular data network service similar to that used by smart phones and mobile eftpos machines.
Depending on the risk of your property these communications can be set to occur, from one every 24 hours down to as often as every 90 seconds for high risk premises.
There are several GPRS service providers available and some offer multiple paths, such as dual cellular networks, and IP Network backup, to provide communications to our control room.

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