What ever the site you occupy, the need is to control who enters and when. An access control system acts like your own personnel security guard with a list of people that are allowed to enter while denying those not on the list. The access control system dramatically reduces your exposure to crime by blocking out the unwanted and protecting your site, employees and assets.

What can be access controlled:
• Auto Doors
• Doors and gates
• Vehicle access gates and boom gates
• Roller doors
• Virtually anything that opens and closes

How can access be controlled:
• Electronic Locking Mechanisms
• Readers and Keypads
• Timer controls
• Interfaces to third party controls, such as fire panels

Combining Management software with your access control system makes the system a far more effective tool.
• Manual overide control, to lock or unlock doors.
• Reporting features
• Add delete or alter personnel and their access privileges
• Visual maps, showing door locations and status.

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